Navigating the Pit of Self Doubt

You know how you pray and hope desperately for an opportunity, then shit actually works out for you and it finally comes your way. But now you feel out out of your depth and don’t feel good enough to handle it? Yeah, I’ve been down that road quite a few times too.

Show A Little Kindness

I think you would agree with me that it is rather pathetic how people wake up every day, hop on social media and choose to be unnecessarily rude and mean to people they don’t know in the name of being ‘savage’. It’s almost worse that we enable this behavior by commending them for their humor…

Hello 2021…

Now that the chaos that was 2020 is over, let’s step into the new year, shall we?

How To Budget Effectively And Save Money

Living on a budget to save money isn’t always an easy feat, especially as a beginner. It’s a habit that takes conscious effort, determination and discipline, but guess what? It can be made easier with these tips!

This Week’s Faves #6: Discovering Christian Hip-Hop

Before I discovered the Christian hip-hop genre, I always thought gospel music  was limited to praise and worship songs. Then I found this genre and it changed my life for real.
Keep reading as I share with you some of my favorite Christian rap songs on this post.

Heartbroken… yet again

Emotionally exhausted, mentally depleted, fucking sick of it all… probably doesn’t begin to depict how Nigerians are currently feeling. We’re in a toxic relationship with our own country. If you read my blog post about the nationwide protests against police brutality in the country, you would most likely understand my anger and pain right now….


Over the month, I was nominated for The Outstanding Blogger Award by FOUR lovely bloggers. How awesome, right?
I’d love to thank Nianni from Nianni Lifestyle Blog, Mimi from Mimi Cares, Pamela from Piya Rising Sun and Kinya from 3am Thoughts.


If you have been following the news closely these past few days, you have most likely come across the hashtag #EndSARS on social media, which is currently trending at number one in several countries across the world, with over 28 million tweets and counting.If you have been wondering what the story is, allow me to educate you…


Welcome back to another edition of This Week’s Faves where I share with you movies,series, music, books (and in future, other stuff) I’ve been loving this week. Before we proceed, let me wish you all a very happy new month and of , Happy Independence Day (in arrears) to all my Nigerian folk reading this.

Why + How You Should Tell Your Friend Their Partner Is Cheating

Nobody deserves the kind of hurt and frustration that comes with discovering their significant other is being unfaithful. Except, obviously, the cheaters themselves.Knowing this, what do you do when you’re privy to the fact that your friend is being cheated on by their significant other? There’s no doubt that this is a very difficult spot to be put in.